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Tabernacle of Praise Church

Outreach Ministries

Outreach Ministry – The Outreach Ministry is geared towards Jesus’ mission to the church.  The main focus of this ministry is winning souls, feeding the hungry, giving the thirsty something to drink, clothing the naked, and visiting the sick and those who are incarcerated.
Events Committee Ministry – This ministry is responsible for planning all ministry events.

Nursing Home Ministry – The Nursing Home Ministry focus is on visiting those who are in nursing homes and having prayer, Bible Study, and fellowship with the elderly.

Home Care Ministry – Home Care Ministry is focused on assisting members with general housekeeping functions.

Transportation Ministry – The Transportation Ministry is responsible for picking up and dropping off people during worship services and other church related events.

Media/Broadcast Ministry – This department is responsible for putting together the church’s audio/video broadcast. The Media Ministry is responsible for all audio and video operations of the ministry. This includes camera and soundboard operations, commercial productions, video and audio broadcast and weekly announcements. This ministry is also responsible for operating the Bookstore.

Publication Ministry – This ministry is responsible for the Ministry publications, including newsletters and handouts.